June 24, 2013

School's Out For Summer.....

As I was typing the title, Alice Cooper's song popped into my head. I really don't know what that says about me.....I guess it's a hint to my age, lol. Some of you might not have a clue who Alice Cooper is haha. Anywho, on to my post.

Mini Me and I spent the evening before the last day of school (because we love deadlines of course.....it has nothing to do with procrastination issues at all I tell ya) preparing our classmate treats and our teacher gifts. I have to give a shout out to Pinterest because while I am quite creative, I cannot say the same for being imaginative. I would be lost without Pinterest and am quite addicted to it. So.......we made the freezie pop bags for her classmates. I printed the text and she did all punching and gluing. That child is truly my mini me....she loves all things crafting. Here's what we ended up with.

We did 16 of these puppies. I was a little worried as she just finished grade 5 and you never know how kids will react to different things. No one made fun of her, but she was the only one who brought in treats. One other child brought Timbits......I thought this was a little odd as there were goodies for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Whatever the reason, I guess we are done with treats. It makes me sad cause it means she's getting older. Maybe we'll do kick-a$& cupcakes next year.

Then I pulled out these scraps from the "doll clothes" bin and got to work.

There are 2 teachers in Mini Me's class - the actual Grade 5 teacher, and a Special Needs teacher who helps a few of the other kids as needed. Mrs. Walsh ended up coming into the classroom after Christmas when the regular SN teacher went on Leave. Kennedi was thrilled as she had Mrs. Walsh for her teacher in Grade 3. Funny thing is, she didn't initially like Mrs. Walsh. They had a fabulous time for these last 6 months together and Kennedi wanted to make a special card for her. She pulled out the Texture Boutique and stated "I'm using this!". She chose her embossing folder and had loads of fun turning the handle. Then she chose her washi tape (oh how I just love that kid!) and punched out a couple of hearts. She wrote a lovely note inside and then did the envelope. I used my scraps to make a coffee cozy. Here's what we ended up with:

For her Grade 5 teacher, I went with a printable that I found here at Skip To My Lou. I don't have a colour printer so I printed it on coloured cardstock. I used my scraps to make Mrs. Brenton a coffee cozy and tucked a Tim's card inside. Check it out:

Mini Me came back with the report that the gifts were a hit. It seems we have a reputation for craftiness (after 6 years) and the teachers always appreciate our efforts.

Here's a hint of what I've been working on lately.....I'm taking an online class over at JenniferGraceCreates and it's getting me outside of my comfort zone. Check it out!!


Rhea Skomorowski said...

The gifts were cute!
Oooh I like the page so far!!!!!
As for the song reference, thanks to Glee the youngins should at least know the song lol. Go Puckerman.

Alinor said...

loving what you are doing to that Maggie Holmes paper!