September 23, 2011

Dolly Clothes is my new passion.

So I'm really into making clothes for 18" dolls (aka American Girl, Maplelea Dolls, etc). It seems to be all the rage and as my youngest daughter has 2 of these, it's a great outlet for me.

I especially like to upcycle old clothes, etc into new things.
1. It's sooo economical.
2. I find the challenge a good creative outlet.
3. I figure it has to be good for the environment in some way or another.

Here are a few pics of things that I have made.

Amanda is sporting her new jean jacket / skirt ensemble that I made from a ladies duster coat. She also has matching jeans. She is also wearing her lovely gold/cream striped shirt that was made from the sleeves of my daughters stained up tee.

In this photo Amanda is wearing her new apron and gym pants. My daughter couldn't find the matching gym top.

Amanda is now wearing her dressy swing coat that I believe started as a pair of cords.

This HM bathrobe is not upcycled from old materials, but my daughter totally loved it. She coudn't find the belt, lol.

That's it for todays post. I will be participating in the local craft fair here in my hometown with a booth of doll clothes, etc. and plan to have many more pics to come.

January 7, 2011

New Year, New Blog

Well, I have thought about blogging for some time now, but was a little nervous as I am not computer savvy at all. Hopefully 'blogger' will make it easy-peasy for me. I have always enjoyed I live in Canada, my favorite show as a child was "Mr. Dress-Up". He was always making something, and I had to make whatever it was right away....even to making that "newspaper tree"....who needs one of those around the house?
Currently I am sewing, scrapbooking, and making cards. I also run the local girls group here in my small town. We don't have a Brownie or Guide group here, so each week mom's and daughters meet and spend an hour together making a craft, etc. Before my 2 beautiful daughters (Bronwyn, 14 and Kennedi, 8) came along, I was an avid cross-stitcher. That just takes so much time. I am participating in a card club this year, with the goal being to complete 5 cards per month. No problem, she says. Yeah, right. I will be that person scrambling on the 28th to get them all done, pics taken and uploaded. I have ALWAYS been a procrastinator very relaxed about deadlines. It makes my creative juices flow to be in a time crunch. Hey, we all have our little quirks, right?
My husband has just recently started calling me a hoarder....I think it depends on your definition of hoarding. Gathering scrapbooking supplies and fabric is not hoarding. IS IT? I tell him that when I get my very own craft room, he won't see the lovely supplies, just the fabulous projects as they are completed.
Well, enough for this post. I will post some pics of the projects that I am working on in a few days. I hope to update my blog at least weekly, but working full-time may limit this.