July 30, 2013

My Fave 5!!

I was just looking through some photos of my layouts - maybe I'm weird, does anyone else keep photo's of their layouts?

I thought that I would pick 5 to highlight, and maybe explain what I like about them. I think my style is always changing and dependent on my moods. Anyone else like that?

1). Those Eyes - I loved doing this layout with scraps of leftover Fancy Pants papers. I love the photo of our dear (50 lb) baby. I also (still) love those typewriter stickers from Walmart. I think they still have them.
2). Sweetheart - I think this layout took the longest ever for me at about 3 hours. I did this one on our 15th anniversary and hubs was just puttering around the kitchen and we were yarning away. Such happy memories of the photo, as well as the documentation. Again, just using up scraps and old supplies.

3). Sunny Smiles - I did this one in the middle of winter using up old papers. Can you see a trend here? I adopted a motto in January to "use what I have" and I'm doing pretty good with it. I have used up, sold, and given away a LOT of stuff. I've bought some new things but I try to think about whether I will actually use it or if I just think it's nice / cool.

4). Beautiful - I love, love, love flowers!! And yet I am collecting them and tend to hoard cherish them. It's a real struggle to put them on a page permanently......I'm working on it, really I am. Hand stitching on this one, love the MME papers (MME is my first scrappy love). Looking at it, there are things I would change but overall I'm still happy with how it turned out and love looking at those pics!!

5). Beavus & Butthead - Love, love, love the paint rings on this layout. Again, I was using up paper. Can you say hoarder?! My hubs and a friend goofing around on New Year's Eve at the local shed party.

I'm sure some of you have seen a few of those pages before, but I thought it would be great to review them.

Hopefully my mojo will be back from it's extended vacay sooner rather than later cause I have BIG things planned for this Fall!! Stay tuned!!


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