April 29, 2013

April Counterfeit Kit + ScrapbookSteals Amber series

Phew.....the past 2 days have been so very busy at my house. Mini Me is camped out in my room with me while her bedroom is getting a complete makeover (can you say excited??). Mom will be thrilled when MM goes back into her room lol. Dad will be home this week so the crunch is on. Guess what can be accomplished while paint is drying? You guessed it, paper playtime for mom. Multi - tasking was my middle name I tell you.....paint the wall, wash the dishes....while paint and dishes are drying, complete some Amber sketches for the scrapbooksteals blog using my April counterfeit kit. Win, win no matter what way you look at it.

Well enough gabbing and on to the layouts.  Last time I posted the sketch as well as my take on it.....not gonna happen this time lol. I did all but 2 of these over the last 2 days. I was a little more on the ball last month and completed #1 and #3 earlier. They are also found in previous posts but I'm putting them here for continuity. So without further ado......

Amber #1 (sorry about the reflection....my skills need to be improved apparently)

Amber #2

Amber #3

Amber #4 (documenting the artwork on the walls - as it will be disappearing very soon)

Amber #5a (Amber 5's host was a bit of an over - achiever and gave 2 sketches. Bam....I did both!!)

Amber #5b (I adore those alpha stickers - loopy lou?)

Amber #6 (love the action shot of MM jumping)

 Amber #7 (that white polaroid frame is Recollections from Michaels...should have bought more)

Amber #8

Amber #9

Amber #10 (man, how freakin' skinny was I? And I thought I was 'big' then.....sigh)

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Rhea Skomorowski said...

Amazingly productive! Lovely!