April 19, 2013

Organization......it speaks to my inner self!!

I am constantly organizing.....like constantly. I organize items a certain way and it will work for maybe 6 months then another idea will pop into my head. I have a miniscule scrappy area and while I am thrilled to have somewhere to put all my stuff, it is a constant challenge to keep it neat and tidy. Being a hoarder does NOT help but I am working on that lol.

The current challenge at The Paperie Blog here in Newfoundland is to share an organizing tip/idea. I'm all over that one like bees on honey....I'm like the organizing queen. Well, maybe a little haha. I find organizing is good to see what you have too. I'm sure most of us have so much stuff that the older stuff gets tucked away under the new, or it's just too perfect to use. When I organize I ALWAYS find something that sparks an idea. Are y'all like that too?

This is how I store my ribbons now. The 'before' before  was all the ribbons stowed in a drawer. Then I saw an idea somewhere online to wrap them all around paper towel rolls. That worked great but then I really had too many ribbons and it just was not working for me anymore. And I wanted that drawer for my punches. Sooooo. I bought some jumbo popsicle sticks and wrapped them. I already had the basket and I like this more. I can see them all and only take the one....or two, or three that I want. I also donated a bunch to my mom and the local girls group leader.

Notice the can of Diet Pepsi on the table? I'm trying really hard to give it up but that first sip is like a fix man......it could be worse I guess right? Someday I will take a pic of my scrappy space and share it. I've only just had another lightbulb moment again and want to change up my whole workspace. I currently use my old desk from when I was a teen but just decided that I now want built - ins......hubby, guess what......

Happy organizing everyone.

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Rhea Skomorowski said...

I love the new storage! I need to re think the paper towel rolls as well!