February 14, 2013

2013 Valentine's Treats by MM and moi

I have always enjoyed doing up little treats for my daughters' classmates each year. And as MM is now 10 and in Grade 5 I expected it to stop this year. No......she wanted to do up something neat, so off to Pinterest I went. I was thinking "something fun, but not too little kid - ish". iPods!!! Yay, I realize it's not a new idea but it's new to us and none of her classmates had done it yet. So I printed off the images and she cut them out. I would say she did half the work on these and we loved the results. We ended up putting them in baggies with her classmates names on them cause she enjoyed deciding who would get a certain colour, etc. And, it made sure that no small parts would come off in transit. Here's what we ended up with.....

Aren't they darling? I found chocolate bars at my local WalMart (4) in a pkg for $2.50. What a steal, eh?
Of course then we had to make something super nice for the teacher, aka "Miss". She always appreciates our efforts so I don't mind putting a little extra time and effort into her gifts. I used up a fine chunk of a CTMH kit "La Belle Vie" for this one. She gets a little card/box thingie with a drawer. MM didn't want to put a Valentine sentiment on there as she wants Miss to use it all year round. What a doll, eh?
We decided to put Hershey Kisses in the drawer for her.

And last but certainly not least, the goodies for Girls Group. In our small community we don't have a Brownies club or anything similar so a few years ago I decided to start up a Girls Group. I ran it for 3 years and last year when I decided to take a break, a really good friend asked if she could step in. I gladly agreed, thrilled that the group wasn't going to just fade away to nothing. She is into her second year now of leading out and doing a fantabulous job. As the girls range in age from 3 - 12, we had a little more leeway in the scope of our craft. We decided on these adorable owls made out of toilet tissue rolls.

(Thanks "good friend" for giving us all of your empty rolls, haha). Just check out how adorable they are....MM did a lot on these as well. Lots of cutting, and glueing....YAY.....and using up MORE supplies. I am nothing if not determined!! Check teddy (aka Mr. Ted / Tedward / Theodore) out - MM may be 10 now but Mr. Ted doesn't miss much in our house. DQ gave him to MM about 8 years ago and he's still going strong. You will see him as a special feature in an upcoming post. MM and I are going to do a mini - album all about Mr. Ted.

Thanks for looking :)

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