September 30, 2013

CCC challenges

You're probably asking "what the heck is CCC?" Well 2 of my scrappy cyber buddies have created a challenge blog which can be found here. I believe this is the third month of challenges and I finally got my self together enough to play along!

They have 3 challenges every month: a tag challenge, a card challenge and a monthly challenge which can be whatever kind of project tickles your fancy. I sat down yesterday with my little mini - me and we made some cards. Then I actually made a tag.....really quickly.....that I kinda sorta like. Hmmm.....

So here's what I ended up with. I'm short on time so I'm putting all of my projects in one post. Hopefully that's "allowed" :)

The card challenge was "Terrific Texture"....the paper under the sentiment is embossed but my little darling embossed the wrong side of the paper so it doesn't show up enough. I told her it was just fine :) she LOVES embossing!!

The monthly challenge was "Use chevrons". Little miss (who's almost 11 I might add) picked out the papers then took off to play outside. This card is for her friend and when she inspected it last night she said it was "good" haha.

This is an extra card that she wanted to make. She decided she wanted an extra one in Pink!! We also have a purple card to make for her sister who turns 17 (!!) this Wednesday.

The tag challenge was "Sparkle Baby". I am really pleased with the photo (it was my third attempt lol) and how it picked up the sparkle :)
SOOO......that's it for now. I have big things coming up this fall for my blog and I think I will be busier than ever. Stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

Love it all and most of all that the "little miss" helped - Rexene